To Hit the Perfect Tee

Welcome to my blog, guys!

It’s so nice to have you here on GolferFX.

This is a project that started in the recent months, and has evolved into the regular gig I’m maintaining every day, due to the tremendous feedback I receive from you guys.​

If you’re a brand new golfer, on a way to learn everything from beginning, please check my Start Here page. You’ll find some essential information there.

This blog’s mission is to help you become a better golfer overall, by improving in all areas of this sport. It takes a lot to be very good, and only the handful of people can get to the higher levels of play.

My Story

My name is Lydia Lim, and I am a proud mother of one beautiful boy called Jack. I’ve been blessed with a happy and fulfilling life, and I am as happy as I can be.

My hubby is a passionate golfer, and he introduced me to the sport in September, 2014. Since that day, I fell in love at the first swing.​

I was terrible at the beginning, but my persistence and effort invested into getting all the knowledge and skills started to pay off significantly. I remember my first run – my handicap was huge, and I managed to hit one hole throughout the whole day (I’m too embarrassed to say how many swings it took to complete it).

I learned as much as I could from Nathan (hubby), but his play style and way of teaching was a bit too rough and relied on strength for me. So I tried to improve myself regardless of our sessions together.

​One of my biggest achievements back then was completing a course in the same time as Nathan, but with a few more swings. I was so happy!

Fast forward to today, we often compete against each other, and I’ve managed to beat him several times. We play as a couple as well, and plan on involving Jack into this beautiful way of life.

Yes, I’ve said it. Golf is the way of life.

This blog will be focused on the things I’ve struggled with over the years, and the solutions to the problems golfers face during the initial involvement in the sport.

I’m positive that you have dozens of questions, and so many things to learn and remember. One thing I can tell you – be calm and patient. Patience is the key.​

Techniques, Tips, and Methods

Back in the day, I was impressed by Nathan’s technique and powerful swing.

After I have learned about technique of each swing and the tactics, the way how to hit the ball, and various things in this area, I was able to observe and notice various details he doesn’t do right, and could easily start giving him lessons, but he was always too stubborn and proud to admit it. (Girls will understand me – you know how our hubbies can get stubborn)

Here I’ll share various tips and techniques that will help you improve in various aspects of golf, and make you a better player overall. I’ll cover all the possible aspects and potential questions you might have, with detailed answers and tips for the best output out of your effort and invested money.

The Best Gear

Over time, I’ve accumulated (and broke) a lot of clubs, clothes, bags, gloves, and thousands of balls and additional stuff. The things I see and look for in a particular piece of golf equipment now wary from the things I saw and looked for when I was starting.

Because of that, I’ve made countless mistakes, and wasted a lot of money. I’ve realized that in order to improve the best, you should pay attention to the quality of your equipment, and invest carefully and gradually. You really don’t need a $350 driver as a beginner, or a set of woods aimed to help high handicappers.

Each golfer is an individual person, with his own features, strengths and weaknesses, and the golf equipment can either mask (forgive) the one’s lack of technique or bring it out even more. So, I’ll try to bring the best possible equipment closer to you and your needs, so you can progress and improve as a golfer much faster and more efficiently.

Be the best golfer you can be. I aspire you to do so.

Invest in learning, in the best gear, practice with patience, and the results will come. Check out my blog and learn everything you want to know!

I wish you a happy journey!​