You’ve narrowed down your golf iron options, now it’s choosing your clubs. And that’s no easy task. After all, there is a seemingly endless collection of clubs. They come in different shapes and sizes, and many offer one or more of the following features: Tour-inspired design, forgiveness, easy-to-hit and long irons, high bounce, tour players’ preferences, and hybrid playability (hybrids are irons with lofts ranging from 3 to 9 degrees). Choose from our list below for the best forgiveness, easiest-to-hit, longest, and highest-bounce irons.

As a sport, golf always had a certain reputation, one that always connected it to the higher class. Even now, people tend to think of the golf course as a place where politicians and business people spend their afternoons, closing major deals while also practicing their swings. This wide-spread idea of golfing as a sport for the elite can be considered to be a heritage issue, one that the ever-growing popularity of golf in a wide range of demographic profiles will hopefully diminish. Put these beliefs aside and let us talk you through golfing as a sport of an average individual like yourself.

Imagine the scene: walking towards the Golf Ball, completely aware of your surrounding but with your eyes locked on it. With utmost calmness and a golf club in your hand, you position yourself, making sure every single thing is in order. You swing your iron confident that everything is perfectly aligned when, all of a sudden, an intense vibration goes up straight to your hands and you just now – you’ve missed the sweet spot, as some golfers call it. You’ve lessened your chances of a great shot. What we’re about to talk in the following paragraphs is something called forgiveness, which does have the ability to make a weak shot like that less bad, and review some of the most forgiving irons you can get today.

In this section of our buying guide, we’ll present you with five different models of irons that list ‘forgiveness’ as one of their main traits. As we’ve stated earlier, even though these clubs are made to ‘forgive’ you a bad swing when it happens, they will not eliminate the mistakes you’re making. You should strive to improve your golf swing – forgiving irons are just there to help you along the way.

1. Wilson Staff Men’s Golf Iron Set– A Set With Great Heritage

First Iron set on this list comes from Wilson Staff, known for their manufacturing of great Irons. Whenever there is a company that has a long tradition of putting great products on the market, you naturally tend to believe that every new one will have the same great traits. Let’s see how this particular Iron set stands up to its manufacturer’s reputation.

Right at the beginning, we should mention that this entire D series of Irons has forgiveness as its primary focus. Two weight pods, the toe and heel ones, work together to ensure the minimal twisting in off-center shots, so there’s the first factor that shows how forgiving these Irons are. Something called Speed Sole Technology is also worth mentioning – the idea behind it is that the thinner transition between the face and sole will allow the face of the Iron to flex.

Although these Irons offer pretty good forgiveness, we need to mention that, it’s not as much as we hoped for in some situations. Naturally, the centered shots were amazing, even the low ones were, with the ball still traveling great distances. Cases of extreme off shots, though, are where we were a bit let down, but maybe we just expected too much in such drastic conditions.

When it comes to the price, it’s true that it’s a bit higher than one or two products on the list, but with a brand name like this, can we talk about overpaying? Also, we don’t have the opportunity to talk about prices of Iron sets in general, but if we had, you’d know that, compared to some others, this one isn’t that expensive.


  • Lots of available options – hand orientation, shaft material, flex
  • Speed Sole Technology
  • Recoil Technology


  • With extreme off-center shots, there’s not as much forgiveness as anticipated
  • Mis-hits can produce a sting in players hands

2. Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons – Budget-Friendly and Forgiving

We get it, you do wish to work on your swing and minimalize the chances of a mis-hit, but what can you do in the meantime, while you’re waiting for your hard work to show results? Get yourself one of these. At a rather available price, lowest on this list, you can get yourself a decent set of forgiving irons.

A lot of golfers who’ve had the chance to own this model say that it makes the game a lot more enjoyable. Keep in mind that some of them are seniors who truly need golf clubs that will match their age and handicap, so their opinions on the subject shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We’d like to mention that it’s great that the manufacturer gives you the option of choosing a right or left-hand orientation, so there’s one thing less to worry about. You can also decide whether you want a set that includes graphite shafts for both hybrids and irons, or a set of graphite hybrids and steel irons.

Another characteristic that’s left as an option is the flex – besides the regular and stiff, there is a separate category for seniors. The Velocity Slot Technology that the manufacturer highlights means that, by having a sole slot, will give the player more speed and flex. Another thing worth mentioning regarding forgiveness is the low and back-set center of gravity.


  • You can choose hand-orientation and shaft material
  • Three options regarding flex – regular, stiff, senior/mature
  • Low and backset center of gravity
  • Velocity Slot Technology


  • Users have complained about the shafts being too light for their liking
  • With 5-Irons, the sound made at impact can be a bit too loud and even unpleasant to some players

3. Cobra KING F6 Iron Set– The Aesthetically Pleasing Set

This one comes second on the budget-friendly list, while still being way more expensive than the one with the lowest price. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, take these into consideration.

As with most on this list, the seller gives you an option to choose a right or left-hand orientation, as well as well as the level of flex – regular or stiff. The material the shaft is made of, however, is not something you can choose – it’s made of steel.

The clubs have chrome plating, which doesn’t just enhance their durability, but also gives them a beautiful aesthetic, which will, to some extent, affect your confidence on the golf course. If you’re not only looking for a forgiving set but a good looking one too, we advise you to consider buying this one.

The TecFlo design that the manufacturer mentions means each of the clubs in the set is devised in a way that provides different performance. Another thing that adds to the forgiveness of these irons is the V-shaped grooves that occur in the 4-6 numbered irons, which works by reducing the spin.

For the improvement of launch and ball flight, the center of gravity in these irons is pushed at the lower back side. That is achieved by placing a small amount of weight (5 grams), freed up by replacing the steel cap with an aluminum one on irons with a dual cavity, on the rim of the club head.


  • Chrome plating for excellent durability
  • Channel positioned on the sole for greater speed
  • V-grooves on 4-6 Irons and U-grooves on 7-PW for spin optimization


  • Some users do find that the grips are not as pleasant but keep in mind those are replaceable
  • It feels ’a little thick over the ball’ to some users

4. Mizuno JPX919 Tour Iron Set– For the Right-handed Only

This iron set is one of the most expensive on the list, but before you keep scrolling thinking it’ll be too much for your pocket, let’s see what it has to offer for the price.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the clubs are made for right-handed people only and if you’re not one of them, scratch the advice we gave you and move on to the next one. There’s no available option to choose the hand orientation as with other sets on this list. If you are, in fact, right-handed, then you should know that you can choose the shaft material (steel or graphite) and between two flex ratings (regular or stiff).

As far as forgiveness of these irons goes, these seem to be one the best out there. Most people would tell you the main difference they’ve noticed between a center-hit and a miss-hit is the sound the club makes contact with the ball. That’s the way these clubs give you feedback about your shot, without actually compromising distance and height.

One of the factors that provide said forgiveness is the pocket cavity found in irons numbered 4-7, which allows for the massive sweet spot area and, in turn, a smooth launch. Also, these clubs provide the maximum coefficient of restitution (shortly, COR). This acronym represents how “hot” the clubface is made, or, put simply, what distance a player can get out of the shot.

One thing that will take some adjusting is the lightness of these irons – they’re made lighter than some other game-improving irons, so it will take some time to get hold of your club speed.


  • Option to choose between regular and stiff flex
  • Feedback about your shot in the form of a sound made at contact
  • Pocket cavity and massive sweet spot
  • Maximum COR


  • Some users complained about the grips being too harsh
  • There’s no left-hand orientation option

5. Callaway Men’s XR OS Iron Set– The Customizable One

Now we come to the most expensive iron set on the list. Right away, a few things are clear – for the money you’ll spend, there sure is a lot of options available for the best possible personalization of your clubs. The question stops being IF they will fit you. You choose the hand orientation, which should be made a standard option, in our opinion. Also, you can pick the shaft material (graphite or steel) and flex, which comes in three ratings (regular, senior and stiff). What’s new is that you can choose the configuration, too.

Since the center of gravity is set low and in the back, these irons will allow for a higher ball flight and further distance almost effortlessly. That is one of the factors that give you the forgiveness you’re looking for in irons. The soles are wider, too, so the impact location isn’t something that should worry you.

Also working to your advantage is the cup face construction, which diminishes the effect of an off center hit significantly. As you’re working on improving your swings, you’ll be confident enough that there will be some consistency in your shots no matter what.

With all that being said, this Callaway’s set seems perfect for higher handicap players. They are not only very forgiving due to their design, but also simply give a great feeling to the player – a sense of confidence.


  • Lots of options for customization
  • The center of gravity is placed low and further in the back
  • Wider soles
  • Manufacturer highlights the refined Cup 360 Technology
  • Ideal for higher Handicap players


  • Some of the shafts in the set (9-iron, for example), even though naturally short, seem shorter than usual for a user of average height

What Does ‘Forgiveness’ Mean In The World Of Golf Clubs?

Up until the 1960s, if you were unlucky or unskilled enough to hit the golf ball off-center – miss the sweet spot, if you will – you would feel, as a response to the unfortunate shot, an unpleasant vibration in your entire arms. That would then inevitably result in a loss of distance the golf ball would travel and in your disappointment.

Thankfully, in the late 1950s, a man named Karsten Solheim invented what is now known as a forgiving golf club, changing the nature of the entire golfing experience in a way. Those irons, designed so that the mass is moved to the perimeter of the club head, made the official entrance into the world of golf in 1967 and became a standard part of an average golfer’s bag.

Forgiveness in golf would mean just that – having a golf club that would forgive you for your poor shot. It is a matter of design and construction of a club that will allow a golfer to make a mistake from time to time but with a lot less damage done. Forgiveness, in this case, means damage control.

It won’t, however, improve your shot. You’ll still need to work on improving your contact with the ball, to eliminate or significantly lessen the chances of missing the sweet spot. A forgiving iron will help you in the process, while you get a hold of things – it will make the ball travel a little further and get her a little higher in the air, but it will never be able to replace what is considered a good swing.

What Determines How ‘Forgiving’ An Iron Is?

The main thing that changed with Solheim’s design was the distribution of the mass onto the perimeters of the iron head. That, in turn, improved the moment of inertia (or shortly, MOI), a trait that golf clubs (in our case, Irons) have. Perimeter weighting, as this innovation is called, gives an increased MOI, which then ensures less distance loss when a mis-hit occurs.

Besides the improved moment of inertia, some other distinctive design solutions also increase the forgiveness an iron can offer. These game-improvement irons may additionally have larger clubheads and faces, more weight in the lower part of the club head, cavity backs (where the back of the club head is hollow), wider soles and offset.

Larger club heads and weight focused on the rims of it are all, in a way, a result of the existing cavity back and together, these design solutions make for a forgiving Iron. These factors, when combined, all add up to save you from the consequences of a miss-shot, so naturally, you should look for these traits when picking out your new set of Irons.

Recap: Best Forgiving Irons

We’re hoping that one of the Iron sets mentioned above has already caught your eye. That would make our jobs a bit easier; to be honest, it’s hard to make a decision when every product on the list has a lot to offer. Since the most forgiving Irons is what we’re looking for here, after examining everything in great detail, we feel prepared to decide. In our opinion, the most forgiving irons are Calloway Men’s XR OS Iron Set.

Nonetheless, remember that even though this is the winner, every golfer has clubs with which he just connects. You should finish reading this article with an idea what to look for while deciding which one feels good to you. And remember, no amount of forgiveness can ever replace practicing your shots.

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