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7 Things You Should Not Do With Left Handed Golf Swings

Are you a left- handed golfer finding it difficult to perfect your game? Then don’t despair, instead consider yourself as some of the incredibly lucky ones. Left- handed golf legends such as Phil Mickelson and trending champions like Bubba Watson are perfect examples of left-handed players who have proved that this as a game where left […]

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Why You’re Failing at How Long Should 18 Holes

Is it your first round of an 18 holes course? Are you clueless about how much time the round would take? Is there any specific time period in which the game should be completed? If these are the questions you are looking for answers then, let me tell you there absolutely no fixed time on […]

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The Best Kept Secrets About The Best Swing Speed

Every sportsperson aims to deliver a performance better than before whenever they play. A golfer is no exception. Golf is an interesting sport that can turn very competitive. ​It can easily be mistaken as a simple sport. Standing in one spot and hitting a stationary ball does not sound tough, right? This is far from the […]

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