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The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be

Having the right length or the right size of anything is meant to give the most accurate results. This holds especially true when you are talking about the length of the golf clubs. Did you know that length of the golf club that you use for play has a significant impact on your gameplay? These golf clubs should not be too long or too short. Having the right length golf clubs is a very important parameter that should be taken into consideration by every golfer.

Your clubs should be fitted well so that each shot that you play will give better and awesome results. But, do you know whether your club is the correct length? Do you know how to measure the golf club length correctly? Most often, many do not know how to measure the golf clubs correctly.

This article and tutorial helps you find answers to these questions. I have compiled this write-up to help you understand the importance of the golf club length and its influence on the game.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial​

Before anything else, when you are trying to find the right length of your golf club, you need to measure it rightly. Only after you have the appropriate measurements in hand, can you decipher whether the length is perfect or otherwise?

So, here is a list of the things you need to have for taking the measurements of your golf club.​

  • A sturdy aluminum 48-inch ruler- To measure the length of the golf club.

There are other measurement tools as well, such as the yardstick and the flexible tape. But, the yardstick is not a great measurement tool, as it cannot measure all types of golf clubs. It can at the most measure a few wedges, a putter and junior clubs. Even though a tape can be used, it is best avoided, as it very flexible and chances of incorrect reading are high. And hence, I recommend that you use an aluminum ruler that does not bend and gives accurate readings.

  • A Measure tape or a measuring tool – To measure your recent height.

Measuring your recent height is as important as measuring the club length. When you are getting custom fitted, it is important to know your recent height as well. A lot depends on your height.

  • A self-retracting tape measure – To measure the distance between your wrists and the ground.

Here too, it is vital to get the right measurements and hence a noun- flexible tape such as a self-retracting measuring tape does the job well.

Step By Step Instructions​

Once you have all the required tools of measurement in your hand, it is quite simple to go ahead. Follow this step by step guide to understand how golf clubs are custom fitted.

Step 1 - Determine Your Height

Stand as upright as possible and then let someone else measure your height from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. This will give the right measurement as regards to your height, which is then used for custom fitting of the golf clubs. Your height plays a significant role in the length of the golf club that you choose for play.

Step 2 – Determine Your Wrist To Floor Length

Once your height is determined, ask the same person to determine the wrist to floor measurement using the self-retracting tape. These measurements should be taken by others to get accurate readings.

Step 3 – Measure The Length Of The Standard Club That You Normally Use

Take the 48inch aluminum ruler to measure the length of the club that you normally use. To measure it correctly, place the club in the center of the sole touching the ground, with the ruler almost at the same position, near the heel, also touching the ground. The club should not be upright. Otherwise, the measurements will be incorrect.

So, from the sole, measurement has to be taken up to the edge of the grip cap. The aluminum ruler gives you the right length of the golf club, provided you have placed the ruler and the golf club in the right position for measurement.​

Step 4 – Measuring a Putter

A putter is slightly measured in a different way. As you know, each type of club in your golf kit is different; measuring these clubs also is different for each one. So, for the putter, measurement starts not from the heel, but from the center till the end of the grip. Take the measurements at this point.

The Next Steps

Once you have your height measured, and the wrist to floor height measured, along with having the measurements of the standard clubs that you use, you are now ready to be custom fitted.​

When I say custom fitted, it is getting the right length of the golf club, according to your height, wrist to floor measurements as well as the swing that you take. It is very important to that the different types of clubs have different guidelines on the length and custom fitting. Drivers, Irons, Fairway Woods, are different from each other and the lengths that you choose is not the same for each one.​

Read along to find out more on how to get the length of these clubs.​


Once you have the wrist to floor measurements with you, it is quite easy to proceed forward. Keep this length in mind and choose a few drivers available, maybe three or four, which are around one to two inches of the regular length.

Do bear in mind the kind of shaft that is present. It should be a graphite shaft or a metal shaft. As a general rule, graphite clubs are lighter clubs as graphite is a light material. They are also longer when compared to the metal shaft clubs when you compare the same weight club in both the categories.​

Once you have chosen the clubs, practice swinging with all these clubs. Doing at a driving range will give you optimum results. Otherwise, try to use the golf simulator at the golf store. Before you zero in on any golf clubs, it is always important to hold the club, swing it well and also hit the golf ball with the club.

This makes you comprehend how each club at different lengths feels when you hit the ball. Different lengths alter the way you shoot. This can be felt easily by you at this stage.

The clubs with longer length will give more power to hit. But at the same time, they require more effort to control. You do not want to hit the ball at a wrong place. You should be in control of your shots when you are hitting. Accuracy here is very important.

When you have to choose between distance and accuracy, give accuracy the preference, as it makes your game much better.​

A few pro tips​
  • The length of the shaft plays a vital role with respect to the club’s speed, path, player’s ability as well as the attack angle.
  • Longer the shaft length higher is the club head speed.
  • If the weight of the club is high, and the length is longer and if the player has difficulty in controlling the driver, then the speed can reduce.
  • With increasing shaft length, players can deliver the club at a shallower angle of attack and from the outside.
  • Greater length also increases the ability to make proper solid contact.
  • And hence, choosing the right length that is good for you is essential. You want to play your best shots and not your worst shots. When you can get the best shots from the right club length, always get it, as it really improvises your game.
  • Golf clubs should be fitted well according to different specifications, which vary from individual to individual. Buying them off the shelf is not an answer or solution. Custom fitting is the solution that you should look for.


Even for the irons, getting the measurements is the same process. In fact, the measurements that you take, such as your height and wrist to floor length, will be useful in choosing the irons also.

For the irons too, choose two to three irons to swing, just as you did with the drivers. Use the middle irons as a guide i.e. Irons with numbers 5, 6, and 7. These are closest to the ideal club length of iron.

The length of the shaft will always determine the kind of control that you have on the club. And hence if you have the proper length then the control is much better. Your hitting position should be good, and you surely do not want to be hunched or hitting at a bad position. Your stance is very important when you take a swing at the iron.

You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the iron, check for how the clubhead rests on the ground. As a rule, the toe of the club should be slightly raised, approximately quarter of an inch or half an inch, for the middle irons. The longer hitting irons – 2, 3, and 4 will have the club head completely rested on the ground. The other irons – 8, 9, PW, will have the toe more at an elevated position.

Again take practice shots with each iron and check your comfort level. Your shots should come smooth and easy, and you should not have difficulty in controlling the club. Ensure you also notice the type of material the shaft is made from, whether it is a metal shaft or graphite shaft.​

A few pro tips​
  • Remember that the shaft length that you choose is always based on your height, arm length, and the posture.
  • For a golfer who is tall, but with short arms, contact with the ball is made well with an over-length club.
  • And if a golfer is short, then an under-length club would be best suited.
  • Standard length clubs often are a good option if golfers are of the normal height with normal arms, neither long nor short.
  • When the length of the golf club is increased, remember that the weight also increases.
  • Increasing lengths also alter the shaft flex as well as the lie angle.
  • As the club length increases by one inch, the shaft flex becomes softer. And it becomes stiffer, with the length is decreased by one inch.

Ready Reckoner Tables

Here is a chart giving the different lengths for different heights and different wrist to floor measurements. Have a look.​

The following chart gives the readings for the different lengths of the clubs. Take a look.


So, now that we are at the end of the tutorial, I sincerely hope you have found answers to all your questions. By now, you have not only learned how to take the measurements using the right tools but also understood the importance of having the right club length. Club length influences the way you play your shots. When you hold the club and hit the ball, it should feel right. There should not be any awkwardness.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial, as much as I enjoyed writing it. It will be great to hear your comments. Do share the article if you like it!​

Lydia Lim

My name is Lydia Lim, and I am a proud mother of one beautiful boy called Jack. I’ve been blessed with a happy and fulfilling life, and I am as happy as I can be. My hubby is a passionate golfer, and he introduced me to the sport in September, 2014. Since that day, I fell in love at the first swing.

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