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What Would the World Look Like Without Are PXG Irons Worth All The Hype And Cost?

What will you do if your love for the game of golf is to the extreme? Well, the one obvious thing would be to invest in the best set of golf clubs that you could ever lay your hands on and be a pro at the game, every season. There is nothing wrong to think that the right golf tool will help you improve your game drastically. After all, technology has really improvised the way golf is played. This is called using technology, rightly, to one’s own advantage.

But, if you are someone like Bob Parsons, you would think out of the box, right? Well! That is how billionaires think, I suppose! When one is the founder of Go Daddy .com and an avid golf player, you can always expect something revolutionary to happen.​

And that is exactly what Bob Parsons did when he started the special line of golf equipment, catering to the high-end market. His venture, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG), makes some of the weirdest looking golf clubs that can do wonders on the golf course. And that is why you have so many golf players ditching their Taylormade Irons for the PXG irons.​

But, why are PXG irons costly?

Are PXG Irons Worth The Cost?​

To answer this question, you need answers for the following set of questions:​

  • What is so special about the PXG irons and subsequently, their high price tag?
  • Is paying $5000 for a golf club set considered normal?
  • Are they really worth the fortune?

Of course, many more questions need answers. This write-up gives you a low down on everything concerning PXG irons and their specialty. Read along to get a better idea of what PXG actually entails for the game of golf.

Before we go into their specialty, we need to know how PXG was started and the many other factors that have had a direct impact on the design process of the irons. After all, it is not every day that you get something unique and different from the rest. PXG has definitely made its mark with its products. Even though, as of now, it is only the elitist golf players who are using these Irons and Clubs, a day will not be far when PXG Irons will become a household name for the best irons in the market.​

The Beginning​

When you want to bring into the market, something that is unbeatable, it takes a lot of guts, money and sheer business entrepreneurship to make it a reality. This is what Bob Parson, the billionaire entrepreneur has done with PXG.​

Spending $350,000 a year on golf equipment is by no means a small amount. According to sources, this is the amount that Bob Parson spent on the golf equipment, just to be the best and play the best ever golf possible. Being an entrepreneur that he is and after doing the math calculations, the thought that came to Parson’s mind is simply amazing. Instead of spending such great amounts in purchasing golf clubs from various manufacturers, wouldn’t it be great if a special line of golf clubs were made that would cater to the exclusive needs of golf players like him?​

Parsons Xtreme Golf was started in 2015 and has been making golf clubs that are unbeatable. A passion for developing the world's best golf equipment has resulted in giving golfers the most desired set of irons from PXG. These irons look like blades but launch higher and go a great distance, with great forgiveness and softer feel. The designers at PXG have some great patents to their names and have identified unique properties that each PXG golf club carries.​

Specialty of PXG Irons

When a set of golf clubs can cost anywhere between $2000 to $5000, with an indication of higher price tags to come in the future, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Probably that there is something remarkable and fantastic in these golf clubs.

There is certainly no way to say that these clubs and Irons from PXG are just like any other golf club. The PXG golf clubs and more so, the irons, are very distinct, superior and make golf an even better and interesting sport. Therefore knowing what makes them superior and distinct will clearly solve the enigma of the PXG irons.​

The PXG 0311 Irons

The irons from PXG are called the 0311 Irons, a name that carries a number which reflects the career code for a Rifleman in the US military. The founder of PXG, Bob Parsons, is a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran.

The Design Of The PXG Irons

With no constraints on money and time, the designers at PXG had all the time to design the best iron that Bob Parson wanted. You would certainly believe if I say that the focus was on performance. Getting the best performing iron is by no means a small task. It requires a great deal of research and a thorough and deep understanding of the game as well as the technology.

The materials used in making the irons are also unique, with a lot of thought given to various permutations and combinations. And so, the design of the irons is something unique that you need to dwell deeply into. Did you know that the PXG need to be fitted by a master fitter?​

Let us delve more deeply into the PXG irons.​

The Most Important Considerations

The clubface, weighting systems, and forgiveness can be considered as something that have revolutionized the irons from PXG. Coupled with the technological and path breaking innovations, the higher price tag of the PXG irons is justified, at least by the company!

The Various Elements Of The PXG Irons​

Some of the most important elements that add to the beauty of PXG irons are:​

  • Softer Feel
  • Thin Club face
  • Blade style head
  • Exceptional Feel

All these are possible due to the various materials and different technologies that are incorporated into these irons, to make them the most forgiving irons.

To understand better these attributes have been discussed below. If you are someone who needs the basic information as regards the irons, then read along to find out more. If you are technically oriented, then don’t forget to the read the technical specifications sections, which highlights the technologically innovative materials used and how it affects the impact and other such things.

The Basic Details​

Using low-density and vibration-dampening material allows for a better sound and a softer feel. With an ultra-thin clubface, designed using steel, coupled with the low-density material allows the golf ball to travel longer and faster. The sweet spot of these club heads is so great that when the ball is struck at the right spot, it would go faster and farther than any other normal iron.

is validated, because of the use of superior materials and technology. Coming to the blade style head of the club; removing mass from the center of the club by strategically placing it around the perimeter with weights gives these irons an edge.

This edge is in the form of giving a lot better forgiveness, which golfers look for. And this is what also makes the PXG 0311 irons to outperform other irons in the market.​

For the technically oriented – a technical take on the design of the PXG irons​

When you use high-quality and high-performance alloys, then the result is surely something special. The irons from PXG have some avant-garde technology in them. They have a forged open-face body, an ultra-thin steel face, a thermoplastic elastomer, and high-density tungsten alloy weights.​

  • The Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a material that dampens the vibrations on impact. So, therefore the club’s sound and feel is enhanced by this material. Now, you would be wondering where the structural stability of the ultra-thin face of the club is got. Well, the answer lies in the Thermoplastic Elastomer material that is used here. Apart from giving structural stability to the ultra-thin face, it also helps in producing a better energy transfer.
  • The ultra-thin face is made from high-strength steel which is HT1770. This is a patented technology. Combined with the Thermoplastic Elastomer material, reaching farther distances and higher ball speeds is a reality. It is no longer a dream. If you really need performance, you should get these set of irons from PXG.
  • The blades style head has a great mass of inertia, according to PXG. Through CNC milling, a considerable amount of mass has been removed from the center of the club head. This mass has been positioned around the perimeter with the help of tungsten weighting. The eleven black tungsten screws help in moving the weight to the perimeter of the head, which is made from S25C carbon steel. This is what gives the PXG irons supreme forgiveness.

Performance Of The PXG Irons

So, now that you know about the special features of the PXG 0311 Irons, do you still have doubts about their performance? I hope not! After all, they have been designed after extensive research and using the most innovative technology. In my opinion, the PXG 0311 Irons perform absolutely fantastic. The hollow construction of the clubs is what gives so much more forgiveness that many golfers simply love the PXG irons. They hold their line well and the distance covered is far more superior.

If it comes down in numbers, then the PXG irons can hit approximately 5 yards further away when compared to the other set of irons. The entire construction of the iron is so good that there is no compromise on the accuracy and the distance covered.

How To Choose The Right PXG Iron?​

Choosing the right PXG irons means getting to know your strengths and weaknesses with regard to ball striking. You may need a 0311 0r 0311XF if you de-loft the club on impact. But, if you add more loft to the club and come in shallow, then the 0311 or 0311T would be a good choice.

The Hype Over PXG irons – Is It Justified?​

All the hype over the PXG irons is certainly worth it. You will never come across something so beautifully ever designed and constructed in your life. When you compare irons from different manufacturers, you can see the differences almost instantaneously. They are that wonderful.

The designers at PXG should be lauded for coming up with something so unique that it is quite difficult to adjust with other irons. Once you have played with the PXG irons, it is an addiction that you will never be able to leave. They are certainly worth the investment if you are a serious golfer. When you see grinning faces returning from play after using the PXG irons, you have your answer. Words will fall short of explaining the whole phenomenon.

According to Parson, PXG irons and clubs fall in the ultra-luxury category. They do not require trade shows or anything else to show their supremacy. Building absolutely the best golf equipment is reason enough for avid and hardcore golf players to come searching for their set of golf clubs from PXG.


When designing a prototype, if there are no limits and boundaries set, then I assume, what you get, ought to be the best in the industry. The PXG story surely leads us to believe that this is highly possible. With no pre-existing molds or pre-determined philosophies, along with no set limitations of price and cost, the designers at PXG gave us something that is absolutely fantastic. Their only aim was to give the best performance out of the PXG golf clubs, which they have achieved without any doubt. Game improvement now means something much more different than what was perceived earlier, thanks to the PXG range of golf clubs.

Following an unconventional product cycle, Bob Parson and PXG believe that bettering the game every other time is crucial. Getting the right combination of everything, from materials to technology, and using them to the right level, surely gives the performance edge that golfers are always looking for.​

Do you know that the tungsten screws that help move the weight to the perimeter, where never intended to be part of the final design of the PXG irons? Unbelievable as it may sound, it is the truth. The fact is that the screws have given the PXG irons, the distinctive look.​

So, whichever way you view the PXG irons, they are absolutely the best in the industry, always a notch above the rest. If some consider it as an elitist or luxury brand, the fact is that it is a brand that delivers performance. Hence, it is not wrong to say that PXG brand is a performance brand delivering the best performing products that you could ever lay your hands on!​

Lydia Lim

My name is Lydia Lim, and I am a proud mother of one beautiful boy called Jack. I’ve been blessed with a happy and fulfilling life, and I am as happy as I can be. My hubby is a passionate golfer, and he introduced me to the sport in September, 2014. Since that day, I fell in love at the first swing.

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