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This Week’s Top Stories About Get Your Golf Grips Clean With These 6 Super Easy Steps

Golf is a sport that requires precision, patience and a whole lot of skill. It requires you to use the right strategy at the right time. All of the above would be ineffective if you are not using the right kind of equipment.

Apart from a good set of golf clubs, you must also pay attention to the grips on them. The grips may not seem as important as some of the other golfing equipment available. However, you must remember that a grip can play a major role in the outcome of your performance.​

Before you begin to play golf, you are taught how to hold a club, and this is where you are introduced to the grip. A well-maintained grip allows you play consistently as you have more control over your golfing shot.​

Have you ever felt that the grips feel different from when you purchased them? Are you someone who has been neglecting the condition of the grip? Or have you wanted to know how to clean golf grips but didn’t know where to start?

This tutorial makes the process of cleaning golf grips an extremely simple one. We have all the information that will help you clean golf grips yourself at home. Read on to find out more.

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1. Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Using Cleaning Wipes?

What you will require:​

  • A pack of cleaning wipes
  • Dry towel

This is one of the simplest ways to clean the grips. Buy a pack of cleaning wipes that are manufactured for the purpose.

They usually come in packs that can be resealed. Remove one wipe and reseal the pack. Use the cleaning wipe to wipe the grips completely.

Most of the wipes have an air-dry formula. If you feel moisture is present, use a dry towel to wipe the grip dry.

If you are feeling that the grips are still not clean completely, use another wipe to clean it. Then wipe the grip dry with a clean cloth or towel.​

2. What the Heck Is Using Soap And Water?

What you will require:​

  • Warm water
  • Bucket or a sink
  • Mild detergent such as a dishwashing liquid
  • Soft brush or washcloth
  • One or two dry towels

Another method to clean the golf grips that you can do yourself at home is by using soap and water.

Cleaning the grips at home is not only economical and affordable, but they have another significant advantage. They can help you regularly inspect the condition of the grips.​

Grips can either be buffed or non-buffed. Depending on its type you can choose a brush or a simple washcloth. It is recommended to clean a buffed grip with the help of a brush or scrubbing pad. Non-buffed grips can be easily cleaned with the help of a washcloth.

3. The Intermediate Guide to Alternative Method

What you will require:​

  • Warm water
  • Bucket or a sink
  • Mild detergent such as a dishwashing liquid
  • Soft brush or washcloth
  • One or two dry towels

This is another option to clean the golf grip but does not involve rinsing the grip. It can be a good option for those who have limited access to a source of free flowing water.

You would need to wipe the grip completely with a damp towel after scrubbing it. Repeat the process if you feel that it is not clean enough. Then follow it up with a complete and thorough wipe using the dry towel. Thus it will ensure all the moisture is eliminated.

Step By Step Instructions

The following steps are easy to follow and are an inexpensive way to maintain the grips well. Let us look at each step in more detail:

1. Inspect

The first step to do before you clean the grips is to inspect them.

Regular usage of the golf clubs can lead to the wear and tear of the golf grips. They may get dirty or muddy. If you are using a sand wedge, there is the additional possibility of sand getting deposited on the golf grip. In case you find your grip is not in its best-looking condition, it is a sign that you must clean it.

Inspecting the grips regularly has another advantage. It helps you to check on their condition. As you enjoy swinging and putting on the greens, the grips can tear. Sometimes it may rip, or there could even be an air bubble present.

In both the above cases, it becomes necessary to replace the grip. Hence inspecting the grips will help you decide if it is necessary to clean them or replace them instead.​

2. Fill Water

Before you begin, ensure that you have all the required materials handy. This will make the cleaning process easy and hassle free.

Fill the bucket with warm water. If you do not have a bucket, you can perform the cleaning process in a sink too.

You would need to use a stopper that would stop the water draining from the sink. Now turn the tap on and let the water fill in it. This would work in the same manner as a bucket.

Next, add a few drops of detergent into the bucket or the sink. It is recommended to use a mild dishwashing detergent.

Creating an adequate amount of soapsuds is important. You would be using these suds for cleaning the grips. If the suds do not seem enough, you can add a few more drops of the detergent to create enough suds.​

3. Collect The Suds

To begin the cleaning process, you would need to dip a brush or washcloth into the suds. Make sure that you are using the right type of surface cleaner according to the material of the grip.

A soft but abrasive brush would work well for grips made of cord or rubber. If the grips are soft, it is better to use a washcloth for best results. If the grips are looking dirty or have debris on them, you could use a brush to remove it first. This will make the cleaning process easier.

Using the correct mild detergent to create the suds would ensure that the grips or the clubs are not damaged in any manner.

4. Scrub

Using the brush or washcloth with the suds, scrub the grip gently. This is important to remove the dirt, oil or grime that could be present on the grip. If the grip is not cleaned regularly, all this type of debris can collect and build up over a period of time.

You must ensure that you are scrubbing using just the right amount of pressure. Using too much force may lead to the grip getting damaged.

The temperature of the water is another important consideration. If the temperature of the water is hot it can lead to the loosening of the grips. This could affect your golfing performance. Always use warm water so that you are able to clean the grip well without damaging the finish of the club in any way.

5. Clean

After the scrubbing process is done, you must clean the grips well so that they are free of any soap residue.

There are a couple of methods that you could use to clean the grips thoroughly. In the first method, you could use flowing water to clean the grip. Hold the grip under the water and rinse off any traces of the detergent.

When doing this make sure that you keep the shafts away from the water as much as possible. Let only the grips remain under the water and clean them well.

You can follow the second method in case you do not have any flowing water available. In this method, you could use a clean towel to wipe the grip. Dip the towel in warm water and wipe the grip well to make sure there is no soap residue. You would need to do this a couple of times to remove all the traces of detergent.

Again the temperature of the water is important. You can use cold or warm water only to clean the grip. Never allow hot water to come in contact with the grips.​

6. Dry The Grip

This is the final step of the cleaning process. After you finish rinsing the grips thoroughly, you must dry them immediately.

Use a clean, dry towel to wipe off all the traces of water from the grips. If the shafts of the club have come into contact with water during the cleaning process, use the towel and dry them too.

You could also air-dry the grips, but we do not recommend it. Drying them with a towel is a much better option, as it is an additional way of checking that the grips are completely residue free.

Always ensure that before you put your golf clubs in your bag, they are completely dry and free from moisture. Maintain a practice of keeping your golf bag clean as this can affect the cleanliness and life of your golf grips too.

The process of cleaning your grips is simple and can be done with only a few basic ingredients that are found in every home. You would be able to keep your grips looking great even without buying any expensive cleaners or equipment.

Follow the above steps to clean your golf grips and you might even begin to enjoy the process.​

Here is an informative video that demonstrates how to clean golf grips:

Pro Tips

1. How to Outsmart Your Boss on Grip Maintenance

Golf grips are subjected to a range of factors that can get deposited on them and have a direct effect on your swing. Some of these factors are oil and sweat from your hands, dirt, the residue of sunscreen, etc. The only way to maintain them in their best condition is to clean them regularly.

If the golf grips are clean, it will allow you to hold the equipment firmly and prevent your hand from slipping. This will also lead to less tension in your forearms and shoulders and you will need less pressure to hold the club. It is advisable to not overlook or neglect this important piece of equipment.

One of the ways to prolong the life of the grip is to use an umbrella or towel handy if you are playing in wet conditions.​

2. Avoid Hot Water

Sometimes all your golf grips need is a little warm water and a washcloth to remove any dirt or debris on them. Using hot water to clean them can damage them.

The grips are usually stuck with the club using glue. If you use hot water for cleaning the heat can cause the glue or the grip tape underneath to loosen the grip.

3. Genuine Leather Grips

Today grips are manufactured using a range of materials. However, some golfers still prefer using genuine leather grips compared to any of the newer materials available.

Though genuine leather grips have an old world charm to them, there is a limitation of the number of cleaning methods that can be used.

To clean a leather grip, you would need warm water and a towel. Dip the towel in warm water. Squeeze the towel and remove the excess water such that it is damp. Wipe the leather grips completely using this warm and damp towel.

Always keep in mind that you must never use any detergent on leather grips. It is advisable to wipe the leather grips once a week to maintain them well.​

4. Other Cleaning Options

Apart from the cleaning methods mentioned above, there are some other cleaning options that you could consider. There are a variety of products that can be used to clean the grips efficiently.

Cleaners that are made specifically keeping the grips in mind are another option. You can use a mild liquid cleaner on the grips and use a dry cloth to wipe it off.

You might even be able to find cleaning kits, which are available at sports equipment stores. Some of these cleaning kits are also available online.

Before you purchase any of these options, make sure that the specific cleaner can be used on the particular grip that you own. It is recommended to read the instructions that are enclosed with the cleaner for best results.​

5. Maintenance of Specific Grips

Buying a commercial grip cleaner will give you better cleaning results. However, even the simple cleaning method using warm water and soap can help you get them looking almost as good as new.

Certain materials of golf grips may require specific care. Care must be especially taken if you have a soft and porous grip.

These must be cleaned only with water, as it is not advisable to use soap on them. You should not use a brush on this type of grip as a brush could destroy the top layer, which is soft. These grips must never be immersed in water.

6. Replacing Grips

Even after maintaining the grips well using them regularly could cause them to get worn out. In such cases, cleaning them will not make any difference to their condition. The only option is to replace them.

Golf grips can be replaced after six months to a year depending on how often you use them. Look out for the signs, which can signal that it is time to replace the grips. Some of them are cracks, very hard or smooth surfaces, any shiny or bald spots, and worn spots around the contact areas.


Those who enjoy playing golf could vouch for the fact that having a good grip is a great advantage for their performance.

Apart from increasing the life of the grip, regular maintenance and cleaning can also help you save money. You can considerably cut down the costs to replace them unnecessarily.

We hope that this tutorial helped you understand the process and advantages that cleaning your golf grips has to offer. We hope this information encourages you to try out this method and reap its benefits. It certainly helped us do so.

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