A Step-by-Step Guide to How To Determine Golf Grip Size

Are you finding it difficult for your hands to work in the golf swing? Do you end up with inconsistent shot dispersion? Or do you find it hard to release effectively with your hands? Well, if that is the case, then I must tell you that you have been using wrong sized golf grips all this time. It is very important for you to have the right sized golf grip since your body generates the swing force which gets transferred to the club, and finally, it hits the ball by traveling down the shaft. Basically, it is the only part of the equipment with which you are directly connected during the swing.

But, if you are not wearing the perfect size of golf grip, then there are higher chances for you to lose power. Also, you will lose control over the ball’s flight path. Thus, if you are a golfer then it is very important for you to learn about how to determine golf grip size which is perfect for your hands.​

Before we start with the selection of a golf grip, let us first try to understand what exactly a golf grip does. These are basically grips that are made from cord weave or thermoplastic material to help a golfer to avoid hands from slipping during humid conditions or if a player has wet hands.​

There are many factors that play a key role in understanding a golf grip. Some of these are as follows:​

  • Grip Size
  • Grip Material
  • Surface Texture
  • Grip Firmness
  • Weather Conditions

Grip Size

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The most crucial factor while choosing a grip is the size. Golf grip sizes are mainly of four types. They are standard size, undersize, oversize and midsize. These can also be customized by the addition of layers of tape. If the grip size is very small, then it will require extra hand action and it also pulls the ball. But if the grip size is too large then the wrist pronation will be limited. This causes the shot distance to be restrained and as a result, the shot will be sliced and pushed.

If the sizes of your hands are smaller than the standard size, then these are expressed regarding negative numbers which will detail inches smaller than average size. The commonly used small sizes are minus 1/64 inch and minus 1/32 inch. If your grip sizes are larger than the average, then these are expressed regarding positive numbers. These measurements start at plus 1/64 inch and increase to plus 1/8 inch, or maybe it can be greater than that.

Another indication is the middle finger length. This can give you hint about which club grip size is perfect for you to use. You can measure the length of the tip of your middle finger of your dominant hand to the point where the palm and the finger are connected, with the help of a measuring tape or a ruler. A standard grip is between 2 ¾ inches and 3 inches of length of the middle finger.

If your middle finger length exceeds the standard range then for each quarter inch that you exceed, you must add 1/64 inch to the standard grip size. But if the length of your middle finger is lesser than the standard grip range, then for each quarter inch, you must deduct 1/64 inch from the standard size.

There can be another scenario in which your fingers are long or short in comparison to your hand size. Or maybe your middle finger is exceptionally short or long. In such cases, measuring the palm of the hand can help in getting an idea about the grip size that you must use. Whichever is your dominant hand, needs to be measured starting from the wrist joint till the middle finger base.

The standard palm size for a grip ranges from 3 ¾ to 4 inches. In case if your palm size exceeds this standard range or if it is lesser than the standard range, then just like the middle finger length, you need to add or deduct 1/64 inch from the standard size.

One of the simplest ways to figure out the grip size is by using the golf glove that you wear. The grip can also be improved by using good golf gloves which are available with leading ambassadors of golf equipment. This does not require any equipment for measuring and hardly takes any time. You might need an oversized grip if you use extra large gloves or cadet extra large. This can add to approximately plus 1/8 inch of extra grip padding or more than that.

In case if you wear gloves in a large size then you need to add plus 1/64 to 1/16 inches of grip padding. Standard sized golf grips can fit you if your gloves size is medium to medium large. And in case if your gloves are smaller in size then you need a grip with minus 1/64 inches lesser circumference.

The material and quality of the club is also an important factor to improve the efficacy of grip. Your fingers also play an important role regarding strengthening the grip on the club being used by you.​

Grip Material

Another important factor is the material that is used for manufacturing these grips. These grips are mostly made up of materials like rubber or may be synthetic rubber. Usually, these rubber grips are very durable, and they are available in many different colors and styles.

Nowadays, a lot of synthetic materials provide extra benefits like long-lasting tackiness or superior vibration dampening. Materials like cord weave are popular amongst golfers playing in humid conditions as they are good at providing traction, as a result of which, the golfer’s hand is prevented from slipping.

Thermoplastic materials can also be used to make a grip. These are available in wide ranges of different colors, and they are very soft to touch.​

Surface Texture

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The surface texture also plays a role for a good grip. Its pattern or design can create an abrasive feel or may be very coarse, or it can create a smooth feel. Thus, while choosing a grip, you must check the surface texture and pick the one which makes you feel more secure and comfortable.

But if you don’t prefer to wear a glove then, better to choose a grip with fewer designs and patterns and which is more smooth to touch. But, if you like more hand traction, then you can always prefer a rough surface texture.​

Grip Firmness

If you are a golfer who prefers high swing speeds, then you must have a firm grip as it causes superior torsion control and also it provides great stability while promoting a very light pressure grip. And, if you prefer lower swing speeds then you must opt to have comfort grips which are softer in touch. But these grips provide no stability or any control over torsion.

Weather Conditions

Since it is an outdoor game, the weather has a very significant part of playing golf. Especially, when you are playing in humid or wet weather, you must choose the right golf grip. Because, due to wet conditions, there is a higher chance for you to lose your control and your hand might slip.

You should avoid grips which are too smooth and made up of plastic or other polymers during wet weather conditions. Better to prefer a heavy pattern grip made up of cord weave in such extreme weathers. All the above-mentioned tips such as grip material and surface texture are important for you while playing.​

Steps To Choose a Grip

There are few steps to follow when you choose your grip size.

  • First and foremost tip is you need to finalize what you want your grip to do. Deciding on your requirement of whether you desire for a faster clubhead speed or a controlled one, it can be a lot easier for you to choose the right grip.
  • Once you have finalized what you want exactly, you must do some research on the types of grip which are available in the market since each has different and distinct features. For instance, grips that are made up of rubber is comparatively inexpensive than other materials and higher club head speed is very light weight.
  • Once you fix your mind on the type of golf grip you want, you must check your exact grip size. I have already mentioned above the various factors to be kept in mind while selecting the perfect grip size for you. Another very easy way is to try the various sizes available with your golf equipment supplier. This can help you to finally pick the most suitable grip.

Benefits of a Grip Size

There are a lot of advantages of using various sizes of grips. For instance using a larger grip has a lot of benefits. Such as:​

  • It can relieve a lot of pain. If you have health problems such as arthritis, weak grips, joint pain, or any other such medical issues, due to which you find it difficult to grip a golf club, then a larger grip can be of great help. These are great shock absorbers of any kind of impact. Thus, you need not worry even if you have weak grips.
  • The Larger grip can also be helpful for a better control of the club. The accuracy of a shot is determined based on how you grip the club and how firmly you hold it. You can have higher chances of hitting the ball in case if you feel comfortable with a larger grip. Whereas if you have a skinnier grip, then there are higher chances of your club missing the hit. But if you have a looser but a comfortable grip, also then there are higher probabilities of you to hit the ball.
  • Your shot can be powerful and can travel a large distance with an improved grip which allows you to naturally swing, and rest of the work is taken care by the club head. This can reduce the grip pressure from increasing.
  • A larger grip allows you to have a strong grip on the club as a result of which, it also affects the flight of the ball. If you do not hold the club correctly then, once you hit the ball, it slices or hooks.

There are many other golf tips which must be kept in mind such as grip style. It is very important to pick your own grip style depending on comfort and type of equipment you are using. You are also required to re-grip after long use of the same grip especially the rubber part reason being, the rubber parts on clubs tend to lose their surface after prolonged usage.

Another important factor is the grip size to improve your golf game. If your grip size is small it may result in the club face to close prematurely resulting in an undershot, a pull or a hook. However, if the grip size is too big, it may lead to club head to open up at impact. Therefore, it is pertinent to bring out this issue while selecting the grip sizes with your equipment manufacturer.

Your teaching professional can also help in attaining a perfect grip for every shot you play. Remember there are 19 holes and it is a long game. The putter is one of the important equipment that is used to roll the ball inside the green. The grip of the putter has to be up to standard as the quality of your game will improve with a good quality grip on the putter.

Leading golf manufacturers are providing state of the art grip apparatus to top notch players all over the world. It will be always useful for you to take advice in terms of size, material etc as a lot of research and development is done to improve the standard of a player by providing him with the best product. The grip will always remain to be an important factor in determining your game standard and it is always advised to consult leading agencies for the same.​

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