Jedi Force Trick Makes This Guy Lose His Golf Bet!

Jedi Force Trick Makes This Guy Lose His Golf Bet!Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a skins game with Darth Vader, the Empire’s most iron-willed player?

If you thought Phil Mickelson had a dark side when it came to gambling on golf, then you can only imagine what happens when Anakin Skywalker, casually attired in his Ralph Lauren black helmet, takes to the links.

Forget fore!

Vader is about the Force.The best way to explain how Darth Vader's Jedi force trick makes a guy lose his golf bet is to imagine what happens on the green being narrated by a pro golf commentator.

The announcer's whisper goes like this. "Vader lines up the putt.

There's a slight break to the left. It's an easy shot, and Vader should hit for birdie. The Jedi strikes the ball. A case of the yips sends it off line.

Darth Vader resorts to using the Force, and he bends the ball into the 18th hole with his mind. The guys in Darth Vader's foursome are irate.

One of them lost a bet. Weapons are drawn.

But a nine iron is no match for a light saber, or the Force.Competition can bring out a guy's dark side.

Lydia Lim

My name is Lydia Lim, and I am a proud mother of one beautiful boy called Jack. I’ve been blessed with a happy and fulfilling life, and I am as happy as I can be. My hubby is a passionate golfer, and he introduced me to the sport in September, 2014. Since that day, I fell in love at the first swing.

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