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Hello! I am Lydia Lim, and I’m the main responsible for this blog.

Mastering golf is an incredible journey, but it can get rough, especially if you start from zero.

There’s a ton of information and stuff to learn, form to practice, equipment to get, and more.

I remember feeling overwhelmed at the beginning and going the long road to progress.

That’s why I’ve assembled a small team and started Golfer FX project.

My team and I willdo our best to help you out by providing the best tips, guides, and advice from our experience.

Most Common Golf Mistakes Beginner Golfers Make

Beginner golfers usually make some mistakes and think about things the wrong way.

Here’s what you shouldn’t stress about for too much:

1. Getting Too Deep into Club Game

As a beginner, I didn’t know how many clubs I should have, or which club goes for which shot. It was very confusing for me, so I started researching about clubs for a long time.

My hubby (the main responsible for my introduction to golf) then told me not to stress too much about it, simply because later I’ll develop my skillset and my preferences.

Thisapplies to every golfer starting out; your understanding of golf mechanics will change, and you’ll adapt and improve. That’s why I’ve shared an extensive amount of knowledge about clubs with you here.

You will find a lot of valuable guidance and information there, such as guides to fairway woods, irons, putters, and wedges.

Don’t go too far, be patient, and concentrate on learning.

2. Worrying, Stressing, Getting Angry

Having a short fuse, being too irrational, nervous, envious of someone’s score or swing/technique, or even getting angry because you’ve lost is getting you nowhere.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a beginner, and I’ve stressed out many times when my hubby Nathan schooled me on the course. I’m very competitive in nature, and I’m getting very nervous if I’m losing.

Furthermore, I’ve been set up improperly (learned it the hard way), had a bad stance, bad handicap… You name it.

That’s why I’m covering many of the helpful topics and questions frequently. Things like hitting your perfect pitch shot, calculating and improving your handicap, adjusting your swing speed, and golf tactics helped me improve as a golfer tremendously.

Still, being calm and giving your every move a proper thought is the most valuable thing you can do, anytime.

3. Not Having a Reliable Mentor or Literature

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in my golfing adventure is that having a proper mentor (Nathan was my mentor only for a short while) will help you significantly.

Not anyone can afford private classes and trainers, but there are a plethora of possibilities for everyone who’s willing to learn.

That’s why I’ve made the Beginners Guide to Playing Golf Audio MP3 AND PDF Included, and I’m offering it to you COMPLETELY FREE. You’ll learn a lot of things using it, and will be able to start your golfing adventure a lot easier.

As your potential mentor, I can promise you that you won’t have to pay significant amounts of money for tutoring and classes, simply because you’ll learn from my guides and advice.

Why should you follow GolferFX?​

Basically, everything I do on GolferFX, I do to help you guys. I’m sharing my story and knowledge with you, so you won’t have to go the harder way. Furthermore, I’m improving every day, and I want you to improve with me as well.

In short, GolferFX is for people who want to:​

  • Learn more about golf
  • Improve golf techniques
  • Find thebest equipment
  • Benefit from playing golf

Here at GolferFX cover all sorts of health topics related to these goals. Some examples of things we talk about include:

  • Tips for beginners
  • Improving your play
  • Health benefits

Why is GolferFX different?

There is a ton of resources and info out there. Golf is a popular sport (some might say theway of life), and there’s a lot of people who share advice and tips on any topic.

GolferFXis found on my experience and extensive research, and everything we share here is backed up by personal utilization and opinion. You’ll find only recommended, tested, and high-quality information here. We’re concentrated to help you by:

Offering the field-tested, proven information.

Review products for you personally and test them for performance and value.

Help you with any problems you may encounter (as my golfer enthusiast friends and I have already met them before).

Provide completely unbiased reviews and opinions.

How to use the site?

Here on Golfer FX, we publish regularly, so you can find the latest content on our blog.

We also review a lot of golf products and equipmentin our reviews section.

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